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    “Running needs nothing but you” – it’s in our nature. With this campaign, Adidas wants to share their love for running with more people and prove that hurdles are only in your mind (unless you do sprint hurdles, ofc).


    Empowering a new generation to make the move is the goal of this campaign – so they can lace up their running shoes, get out there, reach the finish line… and keep going. The (t)ask was for us to find the perfect voice to deliver the message while also coming up with a sound that kindled the drive of any potential runner out there.

    We wanted the soundtrack of the film to be like sports: non-elitist, human and universal. But how to balance the mix with the voice over being so central?


    The voice needed to sound urban, conversational and fierce. Nothing generic and corporate – Adidas is too cool for that. We found a distinct, young female voice that had a smooth quality to it, a bit of ‘bite’ and confidence too. After all, if we’re going to change and reframe the perception of running, we want people to turn their heads and ask themselves: “who is that, and why do I suddenly want to put my sneakers on?”

    By tapping into raw and imperfect instrumentation, we crafted a stubborn rhythm and melody to represent people coming together, all culminating in a ‘beautiful mess’. With every runner joining in, the shaky piano melodies multiply and become more prominent. Laying on a bed of textured sound design, the music eventually turns into a powerful swell of warm arpeggios.

    But we didn’t stop there. We also created a stripped-back, intimate composition that reflects the essence and simplicity of running.


    The result is a film that promotes running as the most fundamental sport of all – and it does it by combining a compelling film with a sound that elevates the message and encourages the audience to throw on their running shoes and get their derrière out there.

    An inspiring ode to the sport that’s in our DNA, seasoned with a down-to-earth voice over and an organic piano arpeggio to amplify the storytelling and captivate the audience.

    Let’s elevate your story through the power of music and sound.


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    Cece Wyldeck

    Director of Creative Development