Acciona: A Better Planet

Music for Commercials
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    McCann Madrid

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    Gabe Ibañez

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Everybody knows ‘Mad World’, the 1982 classic from Tears for Fears, one of the most covered songs of all times. What you probably don’t know is that it was originally meant to be a b-side. Funny how things work sometimes.


For this Acciona campaign that touches upon the effects of climate change, we were asked to search for a song that would fit the film as well as deliver the message.

As you could already tell from the intro, we decided to go with ‘Mad World’ – but why pick a very well-known track for this new Acciona campaign?


As Isabel Gistau Retes, Global Brand Director at Acciona, explains: “The song represents the situation we are currently in: we’re not only acting in a mad way but being blind about the threats posed by global warming.”

Also, a re-record of a classic song is an extremely powerful tool for brands and advertisers because of its ability to give the audience a flavour of familiarity whilst still feeling exciting and fresh.

So, we handled the licence, adapted ‘Mad World’ into two versions and reworked it.


We ended up creating two versions (because the best things always come in pairs).

The first version, which accompanies Acciona’s pensive teaser video, is a reflective yet uplifting version, whereas the other is quicker in tempo and more playful, which adds to the comedic theme of the main film.

The covers are dramatic departures from the original version of the song, whilst maintaining the essence of its powerful lyrics.

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James Bargent

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