Sound is as important as music in making brands come to life. It amplifies visual components and gives your customers the experience they deserve. A way to further establish your personality as a brand, showing you don’t leave anything to chance.


    Once your brand has an ownable sound identity, creating the short-form digital extensions to apply across all UX/ UI opportunities is a natural evolution.


    UX/UI sounds drive recall, are representative of the brand itself, and help users with the interface.


    At MassiveMusic, we cater for all kinds of sounds, even the smallest, most imperceptible ones.

Even when people don’t listen to them actively, their subconscious will.


    Ultimately, you want to make their lives easier with familiar sounds that help them in all situations. 


    Whether it’s UX/UI, VR, or crafted libraries of sound effects, we make sure that both your brand and your customers can identify with what we create.


    Our sound designers also pay attention to the usability of a sound. After all, usability makes people not hate you. Together with our expertise in field recordings, we take care of your sound design so it fits seamlessly with your concept and branding.

Let’s make your brand massive through the power of music and sound.


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Charles Gadsdon

Global Director of Growth