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A sonic logo is a fully-fledged piece of brand work. Don’t let its length fool you. A good sonic logo is sophisticated, detailed and, most importantly, has a story and a reason to exist. What does yours sound like?


Everyone needs a ‘visual’ logo. Now, replace ‘visual’ with ‘sonic’. Because that affirmation is also true. To say that a sonic logo is a sequence of notes or someone singing the brand name would be reductive and simplistic.


Forget about jingles, bing bongs and all that jazz. A sonic logo is a distinctive asset in its own right and stands on its own.

  • With smart speakers, podcasts and audio-led social media, there’s less time than before for end frames and logos on communications (2 seconds or less).


    Your snackable content can’t go wrong.


    Our shorter-than-ever attention span, together with the Gen-Z social revolution, is one more reason you should strategically think of your sonic logo.


    Guess who can help you with that? Yep, that’s us. Let us craft your sonic (iconic) logo so you can easily implement it across all of your touchpoints.

Let’s make your brand massive through the power of music and sound.


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Charles Gadsdon

Global Director of Growth