headphones and microphone
headphones and microphone
headphones and microphone

We help brands use music more efficiently and with greater impact across the board. We deliver music for all types of content, monitor spend, rights, other potential music suppliers, and report to key stakeholders.


  • After creating an ownable sound identity, we work with our research partners to ensure ease of application while minimising your costs.


    We align on KPIs and set up tracking to measure the results and effects of your sonic brand identity.


    Through our Music Management offering, we build a long-term tailored partnership around your brand’s specific needs and stakeholders.


    Get the best of both worlds: a dedicated team across our offices worldwide, delivering best-in-class music creative and strategy with our digital tools and data backing us up.




♬  Brand governance
♬  Licensing tracker
♬  Off-the-shelf music curated for your brand
♬  Consumer insights search tool
♬  Interactive pitch or agency partner request for workstream
♬  Brand portal for any developed sonic assets
♬  Global helpdesk



♬  Zero liability
♬  A more impactful creative
♬  Lower spend
♬  Clarity on spend
♬  Efficiency in content creation

Let’s make your brand massive through the power of music and sound.


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Charles Gadsdon

Global Director of Growth
  • SongZu Becomes MassiveMusic

    We’re massively proud to announce that Song Zu, the longest-running and most-awarded music & sound company in the APAC region, is set to become MassiveMusic.