Want to enhance your customer experience and put them in the right mood (so they can keep you top of mind)? Music and sound can:

1. Influence their time, spend and preferences

Drive attention and interest of buyers to specific areas, products, promotions or guide them through a specific retail route. How? Through directional audio technology.

2. Offer a multisensorial brand experience

What do you need for customers who prefer the digital experience? An ownable sonic brand identity that is also consistent with what you have offline.

3. Build brand equity and amplify your reach

The goal is to stay top of mind with your customers so that, every time they need to go shopping, they think of you, even subconsciously.


    Sonic cues are the most underused (yet most effective) assets to capture your audience’s attention.


    Research shows that music and sound can enhance the experiences of customers, improving the image of your brand as well as the perceived quality of your products and services.


    The emotional state of consumers is influenced predominantly by tempo, volume and music genre.


    With the right music at the right time, you can raise revenue up to 30%.


    And when it comes to the online world?


    Your customers won’t be able to touch, taste or smell the products they’re buying, but they can definitely turn up the volume.


    With the variety of new touchpoints (from audio-led social media to podcasts and smart speakers), music remains a flexible brand asset that accelerates your brand’s physical-to-digital transformation.


Find yourself a music partner who can deliver music and sound in a fast and effective way while not compromising on the quality.

We at MassiveMusic can do that with our eyes closed (ears are open 24/7).

Let’s make your brand massive through the power of music and sound.


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Charles Gadsdon

Global Director of Growth