Is your brand not living up to its full potential?

Let us have a look (or a listen if you already have an existing sonic identity that is not delivering results).


Market research and a strategic framework to make your brand sound

1. like it should 2. fresher than ever.


    Let us guess. Your brand has a visual identity but it’s completely silent. Like, nada.


    Or you didn’t ask MassiveMusic to develop your sonic brand identity. You went somewhere else.


    Mistakes happen, we get it.


    Whether you own the sound of silence or a sonic brand identity that has failed to deliver the results you wanted, let us have a look (or a listen).


    We’ll audit the value of your existing strategy while researching what the competitive landscape looks like and what you can do to make a lasting impression.

  • How do we do it?


    By combining research with an initial strategic framework and advice tailored to your needs.


    Add-ons can include market/customer research to validate or benchmark your current playing field. Plus, we also hold internal workshops so your wider team and stakeholders are informed, inspired and aligned.

Let’s make your brand massive through the power of music and sound.


How can we help?

Tell us about your needs.

Charles Gadsdon

Global Director of Growth
  • 3 Reasons Brands Should Invest in Sonic Branding

    Music speaks more effectively and efficiently than any visual. It can also be flexibly implemented at every touchpoint, creating opportunities for cross-platform partnerships, increasing engagement and perception.


  • Sonic Branding: What is a Sonic Logo Anyway?

    When a sonic logo has a story, it feels like part of a wider brand ecosystem. It fits with the colours, the creative and the VO because it’s been designed this way. It speaks the same language as these other assets. But also, it stands on its own.