With sonic branding, we help brands and agencies cut through the noise – from concept to implementation, Abba to Zappa, zero to hero.


We provide you with an ownable yet flexible audio identity, ready to be deployed across all relevant touchpoints.


The power of music and sound and the scientific proof of their effectiveness can no longer be ignored. Not in the times we’re living in.


Having an ownable, consistent and you-nique sonic brand identity can increase brand recognition and emotional recall.

Do music and sound make an appearance in your brandictionary?


1. The human brain reacts to sound 0.03 seconds faster than to visuals
2. Touchpoints have changed: think apps, streaming platforms, smart speakers
3. Stock music or music that doesn’t align with you screams and streams into the void


Sonic branding:
♬  Increases brand recognition
♬  Positively alters perception
♬  Increases emotional recall
♬  Creates brand consistency
♬  Helps differentiate
♬  Can lead to cost and time savings



    Unparalleled creativity meets unrivalled quality: our genuine passion for music drives our creative approach.


    A strategic approach to music and sound that uses data to solve real marketing challenges. No BS.


    9 offices worldwide to help your brand or agency sound great, no matter where you are in the world.

PHASE 1: Audit

Maybe you already have a sonic identity. Maybe you don’t. Either way, let’s start by auditing the value of your existing brand strategy while researching what the competitive landscape looks like and what you can do to make a lasting impression.

PHASE 2: Strategy

Based on your brand identity and marketing objectives, we develop a foundational creative concept that brings together your brand’s aesthetic and functional needs. Expect collaborative sonic mood board sessions and great chats (we’re a pretty fun group).

PHASE 3: Production

This is where we collaborate with our global roster of composers, sound designers and musicians to create a range of possibilities. After testing, debating and iterating the best of these, we arrive at your main sonic assets.

PHASE 4: Rollout

Together, we agree on a list of short-, mid- and long-term deliverables and roll out your sonic brand across a range of touchpoints. We create guidelines and hold staff workshops, ensuring effective implementation and maximising the impact of your new sonic brand.

If you’re thinking strategically about your visual identity, it’s time to think about your music and sound too.

Brands can get a 10x-15x ROI when using sound as a distinct brand asset.

That’s what we cover in Sound Advice, our whitepaper on all things sonic branding.