Retail and the power of sound

Music and sound are your best allies for landing more shoppers and getting them to spend more on your products or services.


    Shopping environments should do more to make better and more creative use of sound.


    Music is an ally to retailers; it lures shoppers into stores and encourages them to spend more money.


    Consumers are easily swayed by their emotional state of mind: music tempo, volume and genre all contribute to creating a more holistic overarching experience.

Music and sound impact how people move. Think about what they can do in a physical store environment.

As a retailer, you can utilise this to your advantage, speeding up the tempo to get people around stores faster, or slowing things down to get them to be more considerate with purchases.


    Audio can also affect preconceptions of quality, with some music cultivating a calm and reassuring ambient backdrop making for a more luxuriant, low-pressured shopping experience.


    When they hear the right soundtrack, shoppers tend to come to your store more often and for longer.


    For e-retailers and digital-first businesses, the same rules apply. Music and sound do more than just enrich an online experience. They lead to direct and measurable uplifts in ROI.

    The Importance of Music & Sound in the FMCG Market

Prioritising music in a retail capacity and getting the right tone for a space can boost profits by up to 30%.


    For over 20 years, MassiveMusic has helped retailers, e-retailers and quick-service restaurants harness the power of music and sound. We’ve made music with A-level brands such as Selfridges, McDonald’s, eBay, O2, Kaufland, and Nespresso.


    The right sound can increase in-store spending by 9.1% and drive your brand’s physical-to-digital transformation, improving ad effectiveness between 20-30%.

How can MassiveMusic help your retail business?

The right sound can lead to in-store spending. etailers should work harder to cultivate the right conditions for shoppers and aspire to elevate their in-store experience.

Research has proven that strategically-curated music can impact how consumers shop – their preferences, behaviour and perceptions are subconsciously heightened.

So, the right music can put visitors in a good mood, which could lead to making more purchases and spending more time in-store. It can also direct buyer attention to specific areas within the store, particular products or consumer activations.

This encourages customer engagement and provides a positive brand interaction.

Sound improves the effectiveness of your ads between 20-30%

A strong sonic brand amplifies the marketing impact of your advertising; it boosts the reach and memorability of your mind while helping it stay top of mind in relevant buying moments.

Research from WARC and Goldsmiths University shows that the addition of music in an ad increases brand affinity by 11%. In fact, John Lewis’ music-driven Christmas campaigns increased ad impact by 75% from earned media.

It’s not surprising that TV ads prominently featuring music are 20-30% more effective than ads that don’t (IPA Databank).

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