FMCG and the power of sound

Fast-moving consumer goods need fast-moving consumer-facing marketing. Where the right sound makes all the difference.

  • Budgets have shrunk, as the desire for building brand love has grown.


    In the last few years advertising budgets for FMCG were trimmed with the rising prices of raw materials and narrowing profit margins.


    Brands are trying to shift from Facebook to TikTok, but few know how to be successful in platforms that offer sound-on features. And competition is fierce.


    Brands need to emotionally connect with consumers for low-involvement products – which are more likely to be emotional rather than rational purchases.

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    Thankfully, we can help you tackle specific industry challenges.


    For over 20 years, MassiveMusic has helped FMCG brands harness the power of music and sound to reach more consumers.


    We’ve developed and executed sonic branding strategies and campaign music for A-level brands such as Colgate-Palmolive, Pampers, Lancome, Nespresso, Bacardi, Milka and Oreo.




    Make your ads more effective


    Did you know that only 19% of TV viewers actually watch the ads? Consumers can look away, but they can’t tune out.


    With music and sound, you can humanise your brand and make your product go through at the point of sale.


    There’s 5x more reach when your TV ad has a sonic logo. You’re not just targeting people actively watching your ad (19%), but also everyone within earshot of the TV.





A sonic identity can increase your ad’s effectiveness by up to 30%.

Adding the right music to an ad increases brand affinity by around 11%.

  • Make it big on TikTok


    If you want to reach new consumers on entry, you need to be on TikTok. As digital advertising spend is shifting away from Facebook, you can’t just copy and paste the same content across.


    TikTok is a whole different beast – it’s an audio-on entertainment platform that requires a tailor-made music strategy to get people involved; dancing, singing and co-creating with your brand.


    Luckily for you, we’re an official TikTok Sound Partner and we know what to do to get your brand embraced by its community.


    Boost your brand love


    Though FMCG is a highly competitive space, it tends to suffer from low involvement as customers don’t put much effort into choosing between brands.


    Purchase decisions are mostly snap decisions, with emotion trumping rational thinking.


    Developing a strong sonic identity nurtures brand love and builds emotional connections to make your product stand out on the shelf.

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  • The Importance of Music & Sound in the FMCG Market

    The Importance of Music & Sound for FMCG

    Purchase decisions are often made in a fraction of a second, which means that emotions play a more important role than rational thinking. At MassiveMusic, we know that music and sound are the most effective triggers of emotions and can help make a product an actual experience.


    The Importance of Music & Sound in the FMCG Market