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Sound on.


    Digital transformation doesn’t come easy. But in the finance sector, it’s a whole different ball game.


    There’s increased competition, rising expectations and an increasingly impersonal customer experience.


    If you’re building an enhanced digital experience for your customers, you’ll know it’s only powerful when consumers buy into it. This is where sound can play a huge role.


    In the absence of face-to-face interactions, being able to emotionally connect with customers has never been more important.

The power of sound brings effective solutions to all these challenges, and should no longer be underestimated.


Be it insurance, digital banking, or large established financial institutions.

How will we solve your sound? And why should you care?

Massive emotions need MassiveMusic.

Finance brands have a reputation for being all ironed shirts and straight ties.

There’s a cloud of negative perception over an industry struggling to retain consumer trust.

But times are changing.

Institutions have got to become easier to relate to, and music and sound are the most effective tools to humanise brands and build connections with the consumer.


    Massive differentiation needs MassiveMusic.


    It’s no secret that fintech has made the game a crowded space. Everyone is shouting to be heard, to get their proposition across, to convince customers they are the right choice.


    You can join in the chorus, or you can claim the solo.


    A distinctive sonic identity makes your advertising and brand communication up to 30% more effective.


    Reach more people, be more memorable and be more likeable. All through sound.


    Massive UX needs MassiveMusic.


    Where is sound actually useful? In the exact place where your customers are.


    Mobile apps and websites without sound are missing many opportunities for consumer connection.


    Combining UX/UI sounds with an ownable sonic identity makes your users’ experience more enjoyable and, more importantly, more effective. Even down to consumers’ perception of quality.

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Music and money and their surprisingly wide-ranging industry impact.

If you work in finance, in any capacity, this is the report for you. Learn how to use sound to increase your bottom line, and how your competitors are doing it already.


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  • SongZu Becomes MassiveMusic

    We’re massively proud to announce that Song Zu, the longest-running and most-awarded music & sound company in the APAC region, is set to become MassiveMusic.