Automotive and the power of sound

Accelerate your car brand with an ownable sonic identity and the power of music and sound.


    It may not seem like it, but the automotive industry is full of music and sound.


    With this industry being one of the world’s largest in terms of revenue, it’s worth looking closer at how to blend music into motors.


    Whether it’s the soundtrack of a road trip, the click to turn on the indicators, the car horn beeping or the roar of an engine, noises associated with cars conjure feelings of excitement, power and status.


    And you don’t want to miss out on combining innovation with ignition, do you?


    The automotive sector is becoming increasingly sustainability-conscious with vehicles gravitating towards electric and manufacturers looking to create more sophisticated and audio-relevant experiences that can be enjoyed both in and out of the car.


    A rise in voice-activated interfaces and the turn to ‘earcons’ (computer operating systems) means new touchpoints are being carved out in this space, with sonic cues used to signify the completion of tasks or when something needs attention.


    These alerts come through on phone, wearable and smart assistance apps, enabling drivers to monitor, control and interact with their vehicles remotely.

Did you know that the right sonic identity can lift advertising effectiveness by up to 30%?

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    At MassiveMusic, we can craft or transform the sound of your car brand into something holistically unique.


    We guarantee to set your brand apart from your competitors while boosting your marketing efforts and engaging your customers.


    A skilful sonic identity can enhance the experience of being in the vehicle while also carving out its personality, improving its brand perception.


    Having worked with a number of reputable car brands, we know that harnessing this environment through sound can bolster the brand’s status.


    As tech advancements continue developing, the possibilities for innovative ingenuity through sound are endless.


    Some car brands even have distinguishable engine sounds – this helps to keep brands memorable and reflect their identities.


    As the focus on electric shifts, traditional engine sounds have been silenced, so embedding new sounds within a vehicle’s experience is even more paramount.

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Let’s identify your brand’s core identity to craft a related audio identity that best represents it.

Start your engine and reach out to MassiveMusic for a helping hand.


We promise to get you racing ahead in the music and sound space.