Whether you call it sound production, sound design or audio post production, we can oversee all aspects of the process to create spectacular and well-suited soundscapes.


    Since expanding with MassiveMusic Sydney and MassiveMusic Singapore (formerly Song Zu), our capabilities across sound design and audio post-production have soared.


    Together, we’re able to blend skills and layer sounds on top of tracks, harmonising styles and honing effects to pitch perfection.


    You’d be surprised how closely music and sound design are married.


    When making soundtracks, all the elements need to work together perfectly. We can choose when one element is the hero and when the other is supporting, so there isn’t a battle in the mix


    The sound design process is multifaceted. With our extended tools and resources, we can chop, change and complete tracks to hit the right frequency.

Let’s make your brand massive through the power of music and sound.


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Charles Gadsdon

Global Director of Growth