Why Sonic Branding?

by MassiveMusic



man in music studio
man in music studio
man in music studio

As a brand, you are making a lot of noise.

Through your content, your events, your products, and even your stores, buildings and showrooms. Whether you like it or not, there will be a whole ecosystem of music and sound out there, representing you as a brand.

You have a choice. This ecosystem can either have no strategy, no ownability and no recall and stay being, well.. noise. Or, it can become a considered, curated and crafted music and sound world which is unique to you. Some call it Audio Branding or Sound Branding. We like to call it Sonic Branding. But what is sonic branding?

“A holistic approach to a brand’s use of music and sound across all relevant touchpoints.”

That wasn’t one to miss, but let us repeat it for you: sonic branding is a holistic approach to a brand’s use of music and sound across all relevant touchpoints.

In this fractured and crowded media landscape, brands are increasingly remembered by customers as a selection of memories, stories and experiences.

It’s the ecosystem around your brand, the sum of its parts, that stays with your audience and helps drive purchase intent.

If you’re thinking strategically about your visual identity, tone of voice, typography and photography, you should be thinking about your music and sound as well.

⏩ Check our latest Sonic Branding work for some inspiration

Proven Benefits of Sonic Branding

  • Increases brand recognition
  • Positively alters perception
  • Increases emotional recall
  • Creates brand consistency
  • Helps differentiate
  • Can lead to cost and time savings

Our Process

Ok, so how do we do it? Our sonic branding process is the result of almost two decades of refinement, working alongside an extensive collection of both local and global clients.

Even though we tailor our projects to what is required, it usually consists of three different phases.

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Phase 1: Research & Strategy
Here we define where and how your brand should use sonic branding. We dive deeply into your brand, your industry and future trends in order to arrive at key insights. Collaborative sonic mood board sessions help us align creatively and allow us to translate insights into a strategy and production brief.

Phase 2: Production
This is where we collaborate with our global roster of composers, sound designers and musicians in order to create a range of possibilities. After testing, debating and iterating the best of these, we arrive at your main sonic assets.

Phase 3: Rollout
We loop back to our sonic strategy and begin adapting your brand sound. Together, we agree a list of short, mid and long-term deliverables and roll out your sonic brand across a range of touchpoints. Guidelines can be created and staff workshops held, ensuring effective implementation whilst maximising the impact of your new sonic brand.

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