UNMMMMUTE: Cannes Lions 2022



Back and better than ever

You guessed it, we’re back.

To make up for lost years, MassiveMusic is back at Cannes Lions 2022 with our amigos at Media.Monks to plan the biggest and best return party ever.

Cannes you believe it? (insert all Cannes puns you can think of here)

For those who still don’t know what we’re talking about, for the last 22 years (minus 2) we’ve been notoriously throwing a Party with a capital P at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity. Why? Because MassiveMusic was born on the French riviera back in 2000 and because, let’s admit it, everyone deserves a party thrown by yours truly. If only you knew all the anecdotes we’ve collected over the years.

So, after our lost 2020 and 2021 editions, this year we’re back and stronger than ever. The theme? UnMMMMute – an invitation to free ourselves from video calls, turn up the volume and give virtual connections an IRL update.

  • Lockdown has filled the last two years with calls that could have been emails, muted mics and overall frustration. Think of all the times we’ve been hearing the words, ‘I think you’re on mute’ since 2020.


    That’s exactly why we’re celebrating the return to the dance floor and inviting the creative, advertising and branding industries to finally unMMMMute themselves.

  • Side note: that means those of you who did meetings in pijama bottoms all day will have to try and remember that people can actually fully see you now.


    Unless you’re past the point of caring, then wear your PJs; the bouncers will let you in anyway (provided you received an invite from your favourite Massivian or Monk).

Although tickets to the event are invite-only, the UnMMMMute website is open to the public as an extension of the theme. You can even download screensavers and backgrounds for your video calls, with the music of the animation taking inspiration from UI SFX from Slack, Teams, Meet and Zoom.

Don’t know about you but we’re looking forward to getting loud, letting loose and doing what we do best: celebrate.

The goal is to give the mute button the middle finger it deserves.

See you in Cannes?