Our Whitepaper on All Things Sonic Branding

by MassiveMusic



Download MassiveMusic’s whitepaper and grow your brand through music

We at MassiveMusic found that sound is the most effective tool to capture the attention of your audience, boost distinctiveness and build mental availability.

How did we find out?

Through research, our own expertise and interviews with our sonic branding clients.

Where did we include this research?

In our brand new whitepaper called ‘Sound Advice: The Contrarian Truth about Brands’.

And can we grant you access?

Sure thing. You can even download it FOR FREE – we’re not precious.

The whitepaper serves as the ultimate, comprehensive guide to sonic branding for brands and marketers (yep, it’s that cool). It’s the first time the most important studies on brand effectiveness have been collated to demonstrate a clear and unambiguous link between brand impact, sound and increased sales and profits for a brand, offering a must-have guide to all marketers looking to achieve more effectiveness using sound.

It also includes informative case studies and testimonials from renowned brands such as Colgate-PalmolivePhilips and O2, showing how their sonic brand led to a significant impact on brand health.

  • Growth in sales and profit is driven by investing in long-term brand building on top of short-term performance marketing

  • Building a relevant and distinctive brand is by far the hardest and the most important challenge for marketers in order to drive business

  • Brands can get a 10x-15x return on investment when investing in branded music and using sound as a distinct brand asset

  • Emotion and creative execution offer huge opportunities under the control of the marketer to drive marketing effectiveness with music being a crucial ingredient that needs dedicated focus and expertise in order to get it right

What about you? Still on silent?

Get your step-by-step explanation of sonic brand assets, strategies and tactics and start growing your brand through the immeasurable power of music and sound in 3, 2, 1.