Remembering and Honouring Our Beloved Tim Preston

by MassiveMusic



Dear Tim,

Where should we even start? It feels surreal to write this love letter to you but how could we not celebrate the kind, hilarious and multi-talented friend that you were?

If we had to describe your spirit, we’d say you were the life and soul of any gathering and one of the most popular people in the history of MassiveMusic. You were also the scariest vocalist we’ve ever heard in our lives – but that’s a different story.

Your astronomical career and rise through our company are unprecedented. You joined MassiveTalent as an artist, then had your internship at MassiveMusic London, then got hired as Junior Office Assistant, then Junior Producer, then Head of Production, then Creative Production Director. There’s even a chance Hans thought you’d overthrow him to become our CEO at some point, but he kept it to himself.

Not only were you responsible for a lot of great music that you sent out to the stratosphere and is now part of your legacy. You also brought fun, joy, vibrancy, creativity, musical inspiration and a bit of lunacy to everyone you met and every project you worked on. You’re the embodiment of our Massive culture.

It was an unbeatable fight, although we never lost hope. And now that the unthinkable has happened, the silence is deafening. Never in a million years did we think this would be possible. And yet, the positivity and strength you showed until the very end was something larger than life.

“The one thing I want to impart on anyone reading this is that I am happy. I am eternally grateful that I’ve been able to spend the last two years with the people that truly matter.”

How did you do it, Tim? How did you manage to keep photobombing life despite – as you would say – the shit sandwich it handed you?

We’re in awe of you. And so are Kezia and Margot.

How freaking lucky we’ve been to witness your personal and professional development.

Whoever said that all good things come to an end must have disregarded music. While all songs end at some point, it’s always possible to replay them.

That’s what we’ll do with our memories. We’ll replay them over and over again.

You’re incredible, Mr. Preston 🌹

Wherever you are, keep stomping as loudly as you can.
We’re all ears – and always will be.

With love,

How to show your support

  1. Weldmar Hospicecare, a Dorset charity, took such great care of Tim. Their service is free but only 21% of their funds are provided by the NHS. His family encourages anyone who feels called to donate via this link to ensure all adults needing end-of-life care have access to their compassionate approach and excellent services.
  2. For those who want to remember and honour our beloved Tim Preston, you can leave your message or upload your pictures and videos to this memorial board. We will then share it with Tim’s family.

PS. Do you hear what we hear? Guess you do, Tim.