Remarkable Moments From our Previous Parties | MassiveMusic

by Ilaria Mangiardi



crowd at a festival
crowd at a festival
crowd at a festival

They say:

If you’re not invited to the party,
throw your own.

Well, that’s what we did back in 2000, when the euro was introduced and One Direction’s members were not even inhabitants of the planet Earth.

Believe it or not, that’s actually how MassiveMusic was born: on a beach like Aphrodite, under a starry sky, sipping a glass of rosé whilst shaking our things on the dance floor.

Every year a different concept saw the light with music as the main component – and this year is no different. Also, 2018 marks our 7th edition together with our friends at MediaMonks.

But what is Cannes to us?

It’s not just a party. It’s a very good excuse to celebrate creativity but, most importantly, it’s the perfect chance to thank our clients and connections for our partnerships, collaborations and friendship.

The location changed, the company evolved, but our passion for music and the ability to come together for such a special event stays the same.

It’s great to see that what connects us on a daily basis seems to connect the world on a yearly basis.

So, to all of you who took part in the past, THANK YOU for making it special. Let’s do it again. But first..

Let’s reminisce about some of the most memorable moments of our previous editions.

1. That time Lodewijk, our Executive Creative Producer, thought crowd surfing was a good idea and nobody objected.

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    crowd at a festival

2. As Martin Solveig would say: You got me intoxicated. This was taken when we got high on positive vibes.

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    women sitting ominously on surgery bed

3. 2009: the global financial crisis + Michael Jackson announcing his last concert series at the O2 Arena. We were not really in the mood so we threw a NO PARTY.

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    women in front of sign saying no party

4. Yes, there was a time when we thought that photocopying our arses wrapped in tight catsuits was cool.

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    women in coloured body suits on printers

5. Remember this? This is what your sweet silver dreams are made of.

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    woman in costume

6. What’s with weird creatures, Massive? Here’s our (staged) UFC fight, which obviously stands for Ultimate Freaky Creatures.

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    people wearing animal disguises fighting

7. When The Flexican started popping bottles and ruined our Account Director Ebony’s dress. She eventually got over it.

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    people posing with drinks

8. Our 2017 edition, when we had the MMMMission to communicate with extraterrestrial life from the rooftop of the Palais des Festivals.

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    crowd at a festival

What's next?

For our 19th Cannes party (!) and the 7th edition in collaboration with our friends at MediaMonks, we decided to throw FREE YOUR MMMMIND, a beat retreat on the tranquil rooftop of the Palais des Festivals to learn how to expand our mind and range of dance moves.

Namaste or fuc* yea? Find out if you’re mindful or mindless on

Please note: the party is INVITE-ONLY. More information on the Facebook event.



Picture #1: Maurice Mikkers
Picture #2: Marty Marn
Picture #3: Maurice Mikkers
Picture #4: Maurice Mikkers
Picture #5: Desiré van den Berg
Picture #6: Ilsoo van Dijk
Picture #7: Marty Marn
Picture #8: Ilsoo van Dijk
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