Music for Retail

by MassiveMusic



How to enhance your customer experience (and raise revenue up to 30%)

Extensive research has proven that music influences the shopping behavior of consumers, especially when it comes to ambient music and shoppers.

Did you know that the right music in the retail environment can raise revenue up to 30%? Crazy, right? The emotional state of consumers is influenced predominantly by the tempo, volume and genre of the music played.

Some research examples


Playing French music in a wineshop leads to shoppers buying French wine, whereas playing German music leads to shoppers buying German wine, while shoppers showed to be unaware of the music. (North, Hargreaves, McKendrick)


Significantly higher profits were earned by the supermarket by simply playing slower music in the supermarket.

At MassiveMusic we drive marketing effectiveness with sound and music.

MassiveMusic has worked with some of the world’s largest brands to curate and produce in-store soundtracks that enhance consumer experience.

A few examples? Keep scrolling.


From an overarching musical concept based on research, workshop sessions and an understanding of the Nespresso brand, MassiveMusic distilled 3x concept playlists: Morning, Afternoon, Evening.

The 3x concept playlists differ in terms of tempo, mood, style and vibe, but remain within the same realm and musical concept. As a partner for 5+ years, at the start of every quarter, we curate and update the playlists across 700 boutiques globally with recently releases music based on the brief for each.

These playlists are live at all global Nespresso boutiques with the purpose of successfully enhancing the brand’s identity, consumer experience and in-store dwell time.


    Nespresso has grown from 15,6 bn CHF in 2016 to 84,3 bn CHF in 2020 worldwide. (Nespresso boutiques accounting for +/- 30%).


MassiveMusic was tasked with curating playlists for all Selfridges stores in the UK. This encompassed over 79 different zones of music across 4 different stores. Every area from women’s lingerie to children’s toys needed its own unique curation playlist. The demographics of the shopper for each zone was researched and analyzed. For each customer profile, MassiveMusic found familiar music to get their heads nodding and keep them browsing longer.

The playlists were refreshed every 2 months, avoiding fatiguing the staff and customers. By having dozens of different playlists for the various departments, all centrally curated, controlled and deployed by MassiveMusic, Selfridges was able to tailor each space to the relevant brand, all whilst being under one roof.


    Growing from 810 million UKP in 2019 to 853 million UKP in 2020.


MassiveMusic was asked by O2 to transfer the O2 sonic branding into the retail stores of O2. We made sure that the O2 sonic branding was subtly implemented into the store playlist and guaranteed the curated playlist was brand right while stimulating the consumers buying behavior. Transition sounds will help provide a sonic thread throughout O2 stores and build further recognition of the sonic brand.

The transition sounds are played in between Play Network’s playlist tracks, every hour as well as during store announcements. MassiveMusic worked with Play Network and O2 to create transition sounds that work with different playlist moods, styles, energy levels, yet all feel consistent and recognizable as O2.


    Growing from 34,5 million subscribers in 2019 to 36,2 million connections in 2020.