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Dubai office image
Dubai office image
Dubai office image

An interview with Pierre Carnet, Managing Director at MassiveMusic Dubai

Last year, one of our goals was to expand our footprint: by the end of the year, we opened an office in Warsaw and pushed even further by bringing Song Zu under our wing as MassiveMusic Sydney & Singapore earlier this summer.

With MassiveMusic Dubai as our latest addition, we’re opening the doors to our 10th office – that’s right, we’re officially in the double digits now.

Composing and producing music for the Middle East is something we’re already accustomed to – from Qatar Airways, RTA Dubai and Ithra to NEOM and Tadawul. All of these brands worked with MassiveMusic before, asking us to ideate, develop and roll out innovative music and sound strategies.

Now, with a brand new office in Dubai, we’re ready to explore more opportunities and take the sonic profiles of local companies to a new level.

In the words of our Founder Hans Brouwer:

“We’re absolutely thrilled to be kicking off this new adventure in Dubai and the wider region, which has long been burgeoning with creative talent and ideas. We’ve worked with some fantastic brands over the years across MENA and have established the agency as the number one leader in music and sonic branding. MassiveMusic can now offer a global approach to the Middle Eastern market, combining the creative thinking of a local team and the overarching strategy of a global music partner.”

So, let us introduce you to Pierre Carnet, Managing Director at MassiveMusic Dubai. You might already know him from our A Cup of Coffee series, where we asked him to spill all the coffee beans about the industry and how music shaped him.

From grooving to Stevie Wonder at age three, or initiating underground hip-hop events in Paris, to becoming a professional music producer and supervisor, and now managing our Dubai office – he’s come a long way.

A few years and offices later, we’re back to ask him what to expect from our new adventure in Dubai.

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    Managing Director at MassiveMusic Dubai

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MassiveMusic has already done a few projects in the Middle East. Your favourite so far?

Tough question! Every project comes with unique objectives and challenges.

Yet, I’ll always have a personal attachment to the sonic identity of Ithra. The music itself strikes a particular cord with me, emotionally speaking. When listening to the main brand anthem, it’s impossible not to be moved by the beautiful, uplifting, nearly entrancing melody… which manages to remain very catchy despite being an advanced piece of orchestral music. In my mind, this sounds like a modern classic. It’s funny – every person I showed this film to had some kind of emotional reaction by the end of it.

Another special mention goes out to our brand film for The Line at NEOM, which showcases the power of using famous songs, with a twist, for storytelling purposes. Goes without saying, I’m looking forward to adding many more exceptional pieces of music and sound to this list in the coming years.

How is the Dubai office going to add to what we’ve already done?

Opening up our local business in Dubai brings us closer to our partners and clients on the ground, but also to the local music culture and industry. Instead of being an external participant, MassiveMusic will become an actor of the evolution of local music and talent, the way that brands approach music and sound, bridging the gap between the two. The Middle East’s music scene is expanding rapidly, and we are eager to get involved in this exciting development, which is unmatched on the global stage.

Music and arts are starting to flourish in the region. Are MENA brands ready for some serious sonic strategies?

Absolutely. Not only are MENA brands ready now, but they have been ready to capitalise on music for the past years, as evidenced by some of the pioneering brands our offices have already been collaborating with. Local brands are actively looking to leverage culture and the arts to consolidate their presence on the global stage, and we could not be more excited to be here by their side on this journey. Our goal is to support the wider region to help elevate their music strategies across the board, from the music used in advertising and the sounds of locations and devices, to the fantastic sports and entertainment events.

Congratulations on becoming Managing Director of MassiveMusic Dubai. How are you preparing for what’s ahead?

I’ve been working with clients and partners in Dubai and the MENA region for the past two years, so this entire time has been a preparation for the adventure we’re now embarking on. I’m lucky to have the support of the most experienced brand music specialists in the world – both MassiveMusic and Songtradr, our mother company, who have been instrumental in making this project a reality, giving me the confidence of having a rock-solid team to lean upon going forward. There is no music challenge that I’m not confident we can tackle and solve together!

Beyond this, we’re building partnerships with some of the leading creative teams and consultants outside of MassiveMusic here in Dubai – they have shown great enthusiasm in sharing our mutual expertise to deliver only the highest quality of work.

You already mentioned how a Dubai office is going to change things for Massive, how is it going to change things for you?

On a personal level, I’m excited about deepening my knowledge and understanding of music culture, traditions and history in the region. The Middle East is home to some of the most ancient forms of music and instruments, and there’s a vibrant scene of both traditional and modern music which is unique to each country in the region. I’m ecstatic about exploring this, and connecting with fellow passionate musicians to find out more about their vision and relationship with the universal art form that is music.

I also look forward to deepening my knowledge of local cultures across the Middle East, and travelling around the region both for business and pleasure. Having lived in several countries across Europe, Asia, and North America, this is a somewhat newer part of the world for me and I cannot wait to explore further.

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New life, new office space… new team?

We’ve already started building our local team in Dubai – and it’s shaping up to become a star-studded band! It’ll be a diverse and multicultural team of talented music, marketing, and branding experts – fitting into the wider MassiveMusic culture but with our own unique local flavour. Another goal of mine is to build our local studio and recording facilities next year to service clients locally, and organise some great jams and music sessions as we do in all other MassiveMusic offices around the world.

Best thing about Dubai so far?

I relocated to Dubai from Amsterdam mid-October, so the obvious answer has to be the weather (boring, I know). I feel a little guilty for escaping the Netherlands just when the cold and rain come around, whilst the temperatures are just mellowing out in the UAE – all my respect to the colleagues back home who are embarking on a tough winter season.

On a personal level, the number one thing I’ve discovered in Dubai is a great community of international, open-minded and interesting people who have given me the best welcome I could possibly ask for. As a ‘third-culture kid’, living away from my native France since I was a toddler, I thrive and feel most at home in environments with strong international communities, and I couldn’t be happier to have found this in Dubai.

What does the near future hold?

We have some extremely exciting, ambitious and groundbreaking projects coming up with brands in the Middle East – but I’ve signed too many confidentiality agreements to spill the beans here, don’t count on me for spoilers!

What I can tell you is that you can expect to hear many sounds and soundtracks created by MassiveMusic across the region on your next trip over – although you probably won’t even know they’ve come out of our studios. Keep an eye on this website to stay up to date.

Find us at the Marina Plaza, part of the Dubai Marina Mall complex. If you’re a brand, musician or potential partner interested in collaborating with MassiveMusic in Dubai, you can reach me directly by phone or Whatsapp at +971 52 243 3566 or via email at

Use this information wisely – I look forward to hearing from you!

Dubai, here we come

Office number 10 in the MassiveMusic roster? Definitely something to celebrate.


Let’s bring our musical touch to Dubai and the Middle East: new clients, new experiences, new achievements — we’re ready for the heat 🏖️

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