MassiveMusic Joins Forces With Songtradr

by MassiveMusic



We used to say “join the band”.
Guess we’ll need to start saying “join the orchestra”.

The rumours are true: MassiveMusic has joined forces with Songtradr, the world’s largest B2B music licensing marketplace.

If you know who we are, you also know we’ve been in the industry for 20 years, working relentlessly (and partying harder) to make the world sound better.

Well, for our 21st, we thought we deserved a ticket to a brand new era. Isn’t the 21st birthday a significant turning point, after all?

Songtradr felt like the perfect match, especially considering the evolution that’s happening in the digital space with the number of places where a brand’s sound is experienced dramatically increasing.

To quote the immensely inspiring Daft Punk, we wanted to play harder, better, faster, stronger – not just for us, but for our clients too.

By combining our strengths, we will expand our services (including a music catalogue of 1,5 million songs!), while keeping our leading position in Music Service and what we do best: building partnerships with global brands through sonic strategies tailored to their needs.

“This is the perfect match for us and our clients. We can serve anything the brand needs through the agency or directly to the brand, and that is a proposition that is unique,” says Massive’s very own Hans Brouwer in this interview for Adweek.

“Yet, the thing that excites me the most is how our visions, ambitions and cultures are aligned. From the first meeting onwards our partnership felt like we’d been in a band for a long time already.”

Fun fact: Paul Wiltshire, Songtradr’s founder & CEO, is a former successful songwriter/record producer, while their main investor started as the guitar roadie for AC/DC. It doesn’t get more rock ‘n roll than this.

  • Paul Wiltshire

Who is Songtradr?

Songtradr is a passionate group of musicians, thinkers, builders, coders, business professionals and artist advocates with a simple mission; to revolutionize the process of exchanging music rights and provide unparalleled value for the creative classes. Their world-class platform empowers music makers with a comprehensive set of tools and services to professionally manage their careers, while their automated marketplace and talented music supervisors streamline the music discovery and licensing process.

It started as a marketplace where artists could enter their songs to be licensed for a fair price and in an easy, tech-enabled way, and has grown into a music-tech platform that is changing the global B2B music licensing industry for good.

And that’s exactly where we come in. Songtradr also has a service pillar where people play a role in servicing what a brand might need in the field of music, voice and sound. Something we might be veeeery good at (humble brag).

This means we will lead the B2B Music Services division – from artists, music licensing, bespoke music composition and sonic branding to tech, data and real-time insights, together with Big Sync, Cue Songs and Song Zu.

“MassiveMusic has built a standout reputation for bold, brilliant, creative music solutions for brands over the last 20+ years,” said Paul Wiltshire, CEO of Songtradr. “Bringing our companies and competencies together creates the scale and trust to enable a true transformation of the B2B music industry and unlock significant growth potential.”

This special bond means we will have access to additional resources as well as a solution for the ‘below the line’ content such as social media, making us more equipped to take on a wider array of partnerships and projects, acting as the 360 music agency we’ve always envisioned to be.

Hans Brouwer, MassiveMusic’s Founder and CEO

Massive DNA

On top of the craftsmanship and effectiveness combo that distinguishes us, the spirit, culture and rock ‘n roll vibe that MassiveMusic has built over the years is and will always be extremely important to our brand and our team. So, despite the big change, we will continue to be the ‘crazy little bunch’ we’ve always been.

For any question, doubt, compliment, please do not hesitate to reach out to your favourite Massivian.

May our move inspire you to grow and flourish by expanding your comfort zone a little more.

Rock on,