Make Your Brand Speak: Voice Branding and Strategy




Make your brand speak, let your voice be heard

As the screenless era approaches, how will your brand voice stand out?

Thanks to our voice services, we have been flying the voice flag high since the early 00s. Pretty much around the same time, Metallica sued Napster and Prince stopped fantasising and started reminiscing.

Although the opportunities in voice have progressed ten-fold in recent years, our mission remains the same:

To help brands and organisations differentiate through the power of voice.

Confused by our wordy jargon? Let us break it down for you:

Persona Development
When we align your brand attributes to a voice persona, including a whole host of parameters from gender and pitch to tonality and region.

Voice Strategy
We work with you to identify your pains and exactly what areas of your brand can be improved through strategic use of voice.

Skills and VUX
We build voice experiences and skills specific to your brand to help you achieve various business objectives.

Conversation Design
The fine art of designing a voice conversation experience to include nuance in communication and imbue your brand’s personality into a voice platform.

Check our latest voice work for some inspiration

Whether it’s voice strategy, expert voice persona development, voice-over talent casting, conversational design or voice UX, our voice service is here to make your brand speak and let your voice be heard.

Our global network of voice talent, team of voice strategists, voice branding specialists and conversational design experts have the expertise and experience to up-skill and inspire your teams. So why not make use of those charming vocal cords in our arsenal? You know, just being vocal about it.

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