Drive The Sound Of Your Brand With MassiveBASS

by MassiveMusic



A brand’s sonic identity? It’s no longer a nice-to-have. At least, not in 2021.

The power of music and sound and the scientific proof of their effectiveness can’t and shouldn’t be ignored, unless ‘standing out from the crowd’ doesn’t make an appearance in your brandictionary.

As this Ipsos report recently confirmed, brand themes and sonic logos are clearly more effective than visual assets or any other asset leveraged from wider culture, such as celebrity endorsements.

Thing is, what we’ve seen in the last few years is that many big names have made the mistake of matching their sound to the sound of their industry competitors rather than their own brand’s archetypes and values.

Long story short: they all sound(ed) the same. And, if that is the case, who’s going to remember them? ‘Nobody’, we hear you say.

Yet, despite the sarcastic tone that distinguishes us, we are still a silver-lining-perspective kinda people – if the majority of brands are still missing the opportunity to make a name for themselves in their sector’s sonic space, this means your brand can own it to make an everlasting impact. How does that sound?

You surely want a sonic strategy that best matches your brand archetype and personality and is rooted in what you stand for and want to convey to your target audience and the world.

Here’s why, together with SoundOut, we gave life to MassiveBASS:

The world’s first data-driven sonic branding tool that matches your brand archetype and brand values to music.

Among its benefits, MassiveBASS takes away subjectivity as it shows the resonance of each value and a recall score according to 500,000 consumers.

How does MassiveBASS work?

Imagine having MassiveMusic (as the international creative music agency that we are) creating hundreds of music assets – from sonic logos to brand anthems.

On the other side you have SoundOut, a trusted leader in strategic sonic branding testing, mapping out how certain sounds make us feel when we hear them. If you get goosebumps while listening to music, you know what we mean.

We then tested the sounds with 500,000 consumers, placing all results within MassiveBASS. This way, agencies and brands can identify the sonic assets that best deliver on the chosen brand archetype and values.

What for? To inform the creative direction that should be pursued to create a new and unique sonic identity backed by science and strategy.

Plus, by working with us, you also ensure that creativity and craftsmanship still play a major role in the process.

MassiveBASS in a nutshell

🗣 Tested by 500,000 consumers (yep, that’s a lot of people)
⚒ Created by 2 leading companies that have 30 years of experience combined
🎯 Includes 12 brand archetypes and +200 brand values you can choose from
🎵 Generates hundreds of music assets so you can gain clarity and direction
🎺 Instantly identifies the optimal music for your desired set of values
❌ Removes subjectivity while providing proof on sonic branding effectiveness
🔭 Decreases wasted time and ad spend thanks to input from data science
💍 Maximises the chances of strong engagement and recall for your audience
🎸 Adds depth and cohesion to your strategy (just like a bass guitar in a track)

Thanks to MassiveBASS, you can start ideating a cohesive and flexible music strategy that not only triggers the right consumer response to all related touchpoints, but also stays true to the brand identity.