Free Download: A Music Colouring Book

by MassiveMusic



Colouring has been proven to do wonders for the mind. Just like music.

It helps us struggle with negative thoughts and habits by redirecting them into something positive. Plus, it’s fun. And not just for kids.

Grown-ups-who-never-want-to-grow-up might find themselves indulging in it too.

So, why not slow down for a second and carve out some me-time?

We at MassiveMusic created a Colouring Book that you can download FOR FREE.

It features music icons such as Frank Zappa, Lady Gaga, Prince and Freddie Mercury among others, including fun facts and anecdotes.

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For instance, did you know that Elton John was David Bowie’s childhood friend? Or that Jem & The Holograms is Beyoncé’s favourite cartoon? Mind-blowing, we know.

Put on some music, create your #minimasterpieces and share your artwork with us on Instagram (tag @massivemusic for a re-share).

No pencils? No printer? No worries: download Autodesk SketchBook to colour on iPhone or iPad.

PS. We also added it to our Don’t Stop the Music resource list with other ideas on how music can help improve life in uncertain times.

Let’s get creative and remember – colouring outside the lines is perfectly fine.
We’re still outlaws after all.