Don't Stop the Music

byΒ MassiveMusic



Building with people playing instruments and Italy flags
Building with people playing instruments and Italy flags
Building with people playing instruments and Italy flags

We’re living in uncertain times and that’s a fact.

COVID-19 has forced us to rapidly change our habits. From washing our hands properly and often to staying home as much as possible to not affect other people, even if you don’t have any symptoms. What we need to do right now is flatten the curve of the outbreak, put a limiter before the EQ and let this fade out.

But this doesn’t mean that music has to stop. In situations like these, we can turn to music (and turn it on) as a healing tool. In fact, music has to be louder than ever, as long as your neighbours don’t start knock knock knocking on your door.

Healing through music, now more than ever

We’re all aware of the power of music. We all know what it’s capable of. Music is therapy and one of the oldest human art forms. Thanks to music, we can regulate mood and relieve anxiety. When we go to a concert to see our favourite bands, we feel connected. To them and the crowd. Although concerts and events are not permitted during these hard times, we can still ask music to be by our side.

Look at how Italy is coping with it. Since being on heavy lockdown, Italian citizens have found creative ways to entertain themselves and each other. One of these has to do with balcony appointments-turned-into-concerts. Every day at 6pm, people head to their balconies to sing the national anthem or to perform songs all together as a choir, using real instruments or anything they can find to beat out a rhythm. A few of them were even seen offering DJ sets for the whole neighbourhood.

With music we can boost morale, give hope and let each other know we’re not alone. Music is used as a coping mechanism, as way to express ourselves and, above all, as a tool to stay united, summoning the sense of togetherness we’ve been deprived of because of social distancing.

Using music to improve life at home

🎡 Watch music documentaries to learn something new
🎡 Lose yourself for a few hours with these 5 music books
🎡 Download our music colouring book (colouring does wonders)
🎡 Dig into the discography of music icons (get out of your comfort zone)
🎡 Play our MassivePicks playlist and shake it off in front of your imaginary crowd – we’re all cheering you on
🎡 Create music playlists (like Rita Wilson did while being quarantined)
🎡 Watch iconic music videos (start from the year when you were born)
🎡 Support indie bands and artists (here are 10 ways you can do that)
🎡 Read music biographies, anecdotes and interviews
🎡 Listen to music podcasts (such as Song Exploder or Switched On Pop)
🎡 Learn an instrument (Yousician or Fender are a great way to start)
🎡 Watch your favourite singers playing on Instagram Live
🎡 Download free synths and work on your music productions
🎡 Check our Instagram or Twitter profiles for more music resources
🎡 Wash your hands and your lyrics too

Keep an eye on the MassiveMusic blog as we will dive into a few of the ideas listed above. And if you have any idea yourself please don’t hesitate to contact us via our social media channels: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

We want to hear from you too.

We're still up and running (remotely)

As an international music agency, we operate in 6 different cities: Amsterdam, London, Berlin, Tokyo, New York and Los Angeles. We’ve always been flexible to changes and, since this period calls for even more flexibility, we have decided to adapt once again by working remotely to guarantee productivity. We even came up with a few creative solutions that enable us to record from our home studios.

Let’s use these uncertain times to reconnect with our selves, with our families, with our art. Music creates communities regardless of the physical distance between them. So, as Al Green used to say, let’s stay together (even when we’re apart).

As for us, we’re here for you should you need us.

With love in the happiest chord progression ever,