Cannes Memoirs + MMMMBASSY 2019

by (some of) our Massivians



crowd in party
crowd in party
crowd in party

It's THAT time of the year.

You don’t think about it for months and then.. you turn your head and it’s Cannes time again. And we couldn’t be more excited.

To those of you who don’t know what we’re talking about (really?), for the last 19 years we’ve been throwing a Massive party during Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity – actually, to be 100% honest with you, that’s where and how MassiveMusic was born back in 2000.

2019? It's MMMMbassy time

A united new world, just for one night – flags and anthems included. This year we return, together with our friends at MediaMonks, for our infamous annual party.

In a world where inclusivity is needed more than ever, we invite the world’s ad-ambassadors and creative diplomats to apply for their VISA (which might stand for Vino Is Set Already) and join the MMMMbassy.

A modern spin on a diplomatic neutral ground, a safe haven found on the rooftop of the Palais des Festivals in Cannes.

Following our ‘Free Your MMMMind’ 2018 edition, this year invitees will have to access the website where they’ll receive a custom flag and national anthem (we created multiple ones) to represent their unique, fictional homeland. We will reach our peak during the party itself, with the ultimate international anthem being played before midnight – Cinderella style.

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    party flyer

Hans Brouwer, ambassador of Brouwzil, comments:

“Being a creative nowadays? We all know how challenging this can be. Our quirkiness should be seen as uniqueness – and each other’s uniqueness be respected a bit more. ‘MMMMbassy’ is our tribute to creatives and their courage.”

Victor Knaap, representative of the Republic of Knaapistan, adds:

“The ‘MMMMbassy’ reflects how we want to celebrate Cannes. As part of the VISA application, we’ll invite people all over the world to represent new nations, fly their own flags, and party with diplomatic immunity from hangovers.”

• • •

But! You need to warm up somehow, don’t you?

So what’s better than a good old ‘let’s go down memory lane’ collaborative session? We thought to ask our Massivians one simple question:

“What is your favourite Cannes story?”

Doesn’t matter if they got back with one sentence or the preface of their upcoming book. Doesn’t matter if they attached pictures or referred to footage that is as old as your dustiest VHS. Enjoy the below and..

Guess we’ll see you on the dance floor?

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    Men in party

Auke Riemersma

Sound Engineer & Music Producer, MassiveMusic Amsterdam

That time in 2007 when mobile phone cameras had a 5 pixel resolution and we reached nirvana.

Cece Wyldeck

Creative Development Manager, MassiveMusic Amsterdam

That time after the Massive party, around 03:30am, when I sat on the beach with some new found friends. All of a sudden 20 Danish boys and girls bombarded the beach waving a giant Danish flag, stood in front of us, removed all their clothing and ran into the sea. When they returned they all stood around chatting as we looked on in awe and drunken humour. Long live rosé!

Paul Reynolds

Managing Director, MassiveMusic London

The first party I blagged myself into was the MassiveMusic party in 2003. I was working for another music agency at the time. Damn, it was such a good party. Not only did I scowl at MassiveMusic for the next 8 years as they constantly upped their game, I tried to compete. As they say, if you can’t beat them, join them.

But also, that time when I rode the shoulders of our previous office manager Kim in the mosh pit at our 2018 party (it’s in the aftermovie) ⤵️

Ilaria Mangiardi

Creative Copywriter & Content Manager, MassiveMusic Amsterdam

Even the most annoying thing has a sweet taste when in Cannes. Must be the weather. Like last year, when I was there for less than 24 hours with a delayed flight and less than half an hour to get ready for the party. I have sweet memories from both editions I attended. The fireworks on the beach whilst being surrounded by my colleagues and friends, the long conversations, the lovely sunsets on La Croisette, the billboard with the copy I wrote on top of the Grand Hotel. Yet again, can’t pick one. To me Cannes is more than that. It’s a vibe.

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    billboard on hotel

Tim Preston

Head of Production UK, MassiveMusic London

That time I drank a cocktail as big as my body.

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    Man with large drink

Casper Nederhand

A&R Manager and Music Researcher, MassiveMusic Amsterdam

I have the fondest memory of DJing at the closing gala together with Auke 2 years ago. That made me feel so amazing and humble at the same time. We had to open the night before a special live act who happened to be some of our heroes: Hercules & Love Affair. Before going on stage they thanked us as the crowd was pretty hyped already. We enjoyed their performance and also had the pleasure to close the night. People went crazy, partying like there was no tomorrow. We dropped Queen, Skrillex, Metallica. We played EVERYTHING. Such a blast.

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    crowd in party

Marguerite Rubens

Global Communications Director, MassiveMusic Amsterdam

People are my best story. I have this memory of us Massive ladies taking pictures on the rooftop of the Palais des Festivals. We already feel like a family so it’s difficult to think that we can top that, but Cannes, despite all deadlines and appointments, has that special something that makes the bond even tighter.

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    women sitting in party

Keith Haluska

Managing Partner, MassiveMusic New York

One of my most memorable moments was that time when I lost a piece of my tongue on the dance floor. The crowd was HYPED UP and then the Bang Gang dropped Smells Like Teen Spirit (this was 10 or so years ago) the whole dance floor started jumping up and down – including me. As I was coming down a shorter guy was on his way up and the top of his head slammed my jaw shut, but part of my tongue was trapped OUTSIDE the tooth cage.

It was like that scene when Luke Skywalker killed Jabba’s pet in Return of the Jedi, except bloodier. Couldn’t speak for about three days. Great for sales. Like octopus tentacles – parts of your tongue will regenerate!

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    crowd in party

Charles Gadsdon

Director of Growth, MassiveMusic Amsterdam

That time when the two sales guys came in from a party and the CEO, who had been partying even harder than us, asked for a picture. This was the result.

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Halrin Meijers

Account Manager, MassiveMusic Amsterdam

The one I’m about to make this year. It will be my first time in Cannes and I’m freaking ready for it.

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    crowd in party

Elijah B. Torn

Senior Creative Director, MassiveMusic New York

Someone offered to name their son after me if I gave them a ticket years ago. Came back a few years later. His kid’s name was Eli.

Hans Brouwer

CEO & Founder, MassiveMusic

Same but different. Last year this guy comes to me and tells me he met his wife at one of our parties and now they have a beautiful family with two kids. Maybe we should rename the company and call it MassiveCupid.

• • •

Got your invite for MMMMbassy 2019? Don’t forget to tag us and use the #MMMMbassy hashtag. Looking forward to making it another night to remember.