Behind The Scenes of Our Cannes Parties

by Ilaria Mangiardi



people in street under arch
people in street under arch
people in street under arch

An Interview with The Stone Twins

We know you are having problems sleeping at night, wondering how we manage, every year, to come up with a different concept for our infamous party during Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity.

Well, we couldn’t do it without The Stone Twins, a creative partnership founded by twin brothers Declan and Garech Stone. With MediaMonks joining the party 7 years ago it got even better – that’s when we became an augmented triad.

But how do Declan and Garech – also known as the real D&G, get inspired?

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    crowd at festival with circled UFO

You guys know how to throw a party.

Do you follow these WikiHow guidelines or is your knowledge based on years and years of training on the dance floor?

Perhaps because of our Irish roots, we instinctively know what makes a good party. People make parties – not the amount of balloons or the cheese-on-sticks!

So for every MassiveMusic & MediaMonks party, we always ask: ‘How can we engage or involve the guests in a theme? How can we generate brand energy or conversational capital for Massive and the Monks?’

The concept always strives to be engaging from the press release right through to the website and then the party itself. One of our favourite concepts was in 2004 when 3,000 light bulbs were posted to invitees one week before Cannes. On party night, as the venue filled up, so did a matrix wall with all the light bulbs.

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    woman in front of wall of lightbulbs and image of lightbulb

Enlightening. What describes your creative process? Did you already have the ‘Mindful VS Mindless’ concept jotted down on your Moleskine, or was it a result of brainstorming together with Massive and the Monks?

We’re like magpies. Ideas can come from anywhere: current affairs, contemporary culture, walking a dog or whatever Google finds for us. Then we simply look for words with an M and add three more to highlight the uncanny coincidence of MassiveMusic & MediaMonks. The MMMM device also aids brand recognition.

This fine tradition began with ‘MM&MM: the World’s Biggest Agency (for one night only)’ in 2012. The satirical website is still live and still makes us giggle.

In 2016 we devised ExperiMMMMental to determine the mental health of the ad industry, whereas last year the MMMMission concept came from a deep-rooted desire to communicate with extraterrestrial life and rip off Steven Spielberg.

When it comes to our MMxMM party concepts there’s always that little something that makes you stop and reflect for a second. This year is no different: ‘Music and Mind’ has been the fil rouge of most of our 2018 work and initiatives.

Are we experiencing a ‘reverse trend’ – the need to be mindful as a consequence of being more and more mindless?

Thanks! This year’s theme is inspired by the current Mindfulness fad. It seems that everyone and their cat is into meditation, yoga and capturing an inner experience via a Selfie.

Yet on the other hand, there’s still the pursuit of mindless drinking and drugs. Both are forms of escape, a search for something higher.

As for us, we’d rather live in the now tomorrow.

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    party with dancers

Any advice for our party guests?

In no particular order:

  • Forget about seeing Iran vs. Spain
  • Wear white
  • No fishnets with sandals, tie-dye shirts or lanyards
  • Bring Tic Tacs: you never know who you’re going to meet
  • Keep some change for the Gutter Bar
  • Be nice to Victor and Hans
  • But, above all, dance and let go.

For our 19th Cannes party (!) – and the 7th edition in collaboration with our friends at MediaMonks – we are hosting FREE YOUR MMMMIND: a beat retreat on the tranquil rooftop of the Palais des Festivals where you can expand your mind and range of dance moves. Namaste or fuc* yea? Find out if you’re mmmmindful or mmmmindless on

Please note: the party is INVITE-ONLY. More information on the Facebook event.