7 Creative Dutch Campaigns we Worked on

by Sam Taselaar and Ilaria Mangiardi



football players on pitch
football players on pitch
football players on pitch

Massive speaks Music, the universal language of mankind.

It’s no surprise we’ve been globetrotting this lovely world for nearly 19 years now. But, as Judy Garland used to say, there’s no place like home. Amsterdam will always be our homebase, the appelstroop to our bread, the Kiki to our Drake.

Whether it’s Calvé Pindakaas, Rijksmuseum, Douwe Egberts or Albert Heijn, we love working with the Dutchest brands out there, whilst eating herring and liquorice at the same time.

It keeps us present and grounded. Yeah ok, 4 meters below sea level.. still. It allows us to make use of our craftsmanship whilst delivering authenticity.

The last six months we’ve worked with international clients all over the globe. True story. Yet it’s still good to shine a light on the local work. Without it, we wouldn’t have a home.

Ready to embark on this little journey? Hop on our bike: the backseat is free.

#1: Calvé Pindakaas ‘Wie is er niet groot mee geworden’

Agency: Alfred
Director: Ismael ten Heuvel
Production Company: Pink Rabbit
MassiveMusic: Music Production & Composition (Re-recording)

For Calvé’s iconic ‘Wie is er niet groot mee geworden’ spot, we were honoured to re-record ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ by Gerry & The Pacemakers, one of the greatest football classics out there.

After seeing Pietertje van den Hoogenband and Robin van Persie devouring a peanut butter sandwich in the previous spots, this year it was Lieke Martens’ time to step onto the field. In case you don’t know (are you living on Mars?), she’s one of the best female worldwide strikers out there.

#2: NS ‘Wat houdt je tegen?’

Agency: N=5
Director: Willem Gerritsen
Production Company: Czar
MassiveMusic: Music Composition & Production (Re-recording), Licensing and Creative Search

“A wolf can change his coat but not his character” is a well-known saying. So if you find yourself at a ‘ripe age’, drinking salad from a cup and watching the clouds pass by, we urge you to not waste any more time.

Go visit the NS website, book a train ticket to the first city you fell in love with and dance to the our re-recording of Jacques Dutronc’s ‘Le responsable’. Thank us when you’ve returned.

#3: Rijksmuseum x Philips ‘Taste a Dutch Masterjuice’

Agency: Ogilvy
Director: Joeri Holsheimer
Production Company: Wefilm
MassiveMusic: Music Composition & Production

If you ever find yourself grabbing an apple from a painting and eating it, either you had a very fun night at Woodstock back in the days or somebody is taking the mick out of you.

For the Rijksmuseum – the Dutch national museum dedicated to arts and history in Amsterdam, it was the second option, with Philips putting the fruit and veggies back into the picture and us putting the music into the mixer.

#4: Etos ‘Magical Summer’

Agency: TBWA
Director: Boris Booij
Production Company: Czar
MassiveMusic: Music Composition & Production

Bryan Adams used to sing and praise the summer of ’69 but what about the summer of ’18?

Probably the hottest one you’ve ever experienced in your life, at least regarding the temperature (we all know what you did when you were 17 at the summer camp).

To celebrate the heat and the sunrays we composed a track with Jazzy Summers so that, when the winter comes (will it ever?), you can play it on Spotify, making believe you can still wear your flip flops and jump in the canals with 32 degrees.

#5: Douwe Egberts ‘265 Jaar’

Agency: TBWA
Director: Sophie Dros
Production Company: Czar
MassiveMusic: Music Supervision + Re-recording

For Douwe Egbert’s 265th year anniversary (that’s old, man), we obviously didn’t celebrate with cake but with free espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato, americano and a small flat white.

After making sure that everybody stopped bouncing around and speaking at 7 times the tempo they normally speak – because hey, drink coffee and do stupid things faster with more energy, we also composed a beautiful song.

The essential ingredient was the iconic ‘Je bent thuis waar je Douwe Egberts drinkt’. Hopefully it sounds just as lovely as the coffee tastes.

#6: KLM ‘Call your mom and we may take you to her’

Agency: DDB & Tribal
MassiveMusic: Music Composition & Production

At Massive, we call our mom every day, just to make sure she knows we love her, and to ask if she can cook our favourite dish tonight because we’re coming over.

For some people coming over is not that easy though. That’s why KLM had a different reward for the sons and daughters who called their mom the most: they flew them over wherever she lives.

So today (and errrday) give your momma a call: you’re the only one who knows what her heart sounds like from the inside – unless you’re a doctor (in that case, bless you). She would never want you to hush that sweet voice of yours.

Awww. PS. The tissues are in the first drawer under your desk.

#7: Het Vergeten Kind ‘Week van Het Vergeten Kind 2018’

Agency: The Gardeners
Production Company: The Boardroom/Made For Digital
MassiveMusic: Music Composition & Production

Although Dutch children always score very high on the yearly global happiness lists, there are still more than 55.000 (!) kids who are not able to live in their home due to severely bad circumstances. In order for these children’s lives to not be neglected nor forgotten, foundation ‘Het Vergeten Kind’ fights every day to ensure they have a happy home and a smile on their face.

We hope our music contributed to that beautiful purpose, and that it brought back some melody in their life.

So, to sum it up...

We love Amsterdam and the Netherlands – and cheese and clogs and bikes and stroopwafels – and we want to shout it loud and clear.

You know, just in case you had any doubts.

We’d like to have this article preserve our cultural heritage.

At the end of the day, you can take the Massivians out of the Netherlands but you can’t take the Netherlands out of the Massivians.