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Welcome to MassiveBASS

Created by MassiveMusic 🎸 Powered by SoundOut

The world’s first data-driven sonic branding tool that matches your brand archetype and values to music.

The best part? It takes away subjectivity as it shows the resonance of each brand value and a recall score of the sound according to 500,000 consumers.

Do you like the sound of it?

  • Why MassiveBASS, and how does it work?

    The way brands usually engage with consumers is by defining their core values and the tone of their communication: Volvo is about safety, Mercedes about luxury and BMW about performance. To define and guide their strategy, brands often use Jungian archetypes: Nike is the Hero, Disney the Magician and Harley Davidson the Outlaw.

  • MassiveBASS (Brand Attribute Sound System) allows any combination of brand values and archetypes to be selected. It then ranks the music in the MassiveMusic catalogue on the closest match.

    This catalogue consists of hundreds of music assets (from sonic logos to brand anthems) and their related emotional DNA mapped out by SoundOut – in other words, how these sounds make us feel when we hear them. We then tested them with 500,000 consumers and placed all results within MassiveBASS.

    By using these results, brands can identify the sound that connects best to their unique brand values and partner with MassiveMusic to further craft their unique sound.

MassiveBASS: Numbers & Superpowers

  • +500,000 testers

  • +170 brand values

  • +250 music assets

  • Your sonic brand

Does this sound like you?

  • You know sound delivers recall, connection, distinctiveness and consistency

  • You have difficulties envisioning what your brand could sound like

  • You know music is a personal matter and want to remove subjectivity from it

  • You want to have a clear, data-driven plan around your music strategy

  • You’d like to save time and work with experts with +30 years of experience

  • You’re looking for a flexible sonic brand strategy that stands the test of time

So, who’s behind MassiveBASS, the world’s first data-driven sonic branding tool?

MassiveMusic – a leading international creative music agency (hey, that’s us!)

SoundOut – a trusted leader in strategic sonic branding testing

What do we bring to the table? And who do we help?

  1. Together, we bring +30 years of combined experience in developing sonic brand strategies and identities, helping brands find their voice and tell their story through music
  2. We meet at the intersection between music and data, bridging the gap between sonic branding and science (because why launch when you can test and launch?)
  3. We help brand managers and marketing teams ideate, develop and roll out cohesive and flexible music strategies that not only trigger the right consumer response to all related touchpoints, but also stay true to the brand identity

Have you read this far? Well, look at you, champ.

Either you fancy long landing pages or you want to truly understand (and rightly so) the ins and outs of why your brand needs a memorable sonic brand strategy to stand out from the crowd.

If you find yourself singing “Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?”, that’s probably a sign you need to give MassiveBASS a try and book a meeting with our sound experts.