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How It Started

It’s 2000, the year of MySpace, the iPod Classic and Eminem dominating the charts.

A guy who goes by the name of Hans Brouwer finds himself in Cannes with a handful of big dreams. One is to start a music agency to make brands go from passive to massive.

Why Massive? Because we’re bold, loud and proud.
Why Music? Duh. (Did you actually ask that?)

Our Principles

Music is our playground but we take it very seriously.

Our ultimate goal is to make brands and agencies grow through the power of music (with the epic side effect of making the world sound better). 

We also think that sounding shitty never looks pretty. If you agree please clap your hands, do a pirouette and say ‘Oh yeah’ with your best Barry White impression.

Our Offices

First came our Amsterdam HQ (2000), then came New York (2005), Los Angeles (2008), London (2011), Tokyo (2017), Berlin (2019), Warsaw (2021), Singapore, Sydney and Dubai  (2022). Sounds like La Casa de Papel but it’s not.

No matter where you are, we have someone from MassiveMusic who can help elevate your brand, campaign or message through the power of music and sound.

Since 2021, we’re part of Songtradr Group, our mother company whose mission is to maximise the value of music for all.

Our People

Our Massivians are a bunch of remarkable individuals. And they have pretty voices too.

From our Production and MarCom departments to our Account Managers and extended network of experts, we all know a thing or two about music. We love to craft, curate and listen to it. Some of us might even put on headphones before clothes.

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