Inspiring women

    Harnessing the power of music to enforce the message, this campaign from UBS features a version of ‘Free Me’ by Grammy Award winning singer Joss Stone, re-recorded exclusively for the campaign by MassiveMusic.
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UBS Free Me

Joss Stone

We wanted it to be universal yet intimate, catchy yet soulful – a track sung by a woman who has spoken out on the subject of gender equality, with a positive spirit that could resonate with UBS' campaign’s empowering message.

The quest to questions

Among all superpowers, women have the ability, creativity and willingness to reinvent themselves. They are a force for economic change but gender equality still hasn’t come far enough as the industry doesn’t always understand their values, needs and goals.

To encourage women to feel as equal as they are, UBS thought it was time for a change. Instead of focusing on the often sugar-coated answers to life’s big decisions the Swiss bank thought to pose (even more) tough, emotional questions. 

Unstoppable women

This new campaign ties in with UBS’ ‘Unique’ initiative, a long-term commitment to improving the financial industries for women and expands on the financial services company’s ‘Life’s Questions’ brand campaign, which launched last year.

We were presented with the brief to find a track that could create the right emotional context. True, the aim was to focus on the questions asked in the film but we also wanted it to be in line with the UBS’ sonic branding which MassiveMusic helped to craft.

Free Me (Again)

We chose to settle on the perfect balance of music that could enforce the message by devising a more intimate and personal experience. 

While digging through the vaults of music history we stumbled upon ‘Free Me’ by Joss Stone and that’s when we knew a match was made. We rearranged the song, slowed it down to highlight the message and flew to Joss Stone’s private studio to record it once again.

The new version is now available on iTunes and Spotify.


Here's what Joss Stone said when we met her:
You guys really did your homework! I am pleasantly surprised when people are aware of the real intention of my songs. When you suggested my track for this story it felt like nothing but sweet serendipity to me – a perfect fit.


“No matter how scared you are, just pretend that you're not.”

Diversified and integrated

Moos Lamerus, Music Producer at MassiveMusic, comments:

“UBS ‘Driving change through diversity’ was one of those opportunities where we could showcase the true strength and breadth of everything we do as a full-service music agency – from creative music search and artist handling to music production and licensing. 

Working on this project with UBS and Publicis London was a 360-degree immersive experience which gave us free rein to live up to our full potential.

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