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    Meet Junya, Rick and Tamon

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MassiveMusic in Tokyo

Meet Junya, Rick and Tamon


Try working with a logo that constantly reminds you of noodles for 17 years. Of course you end up falling into temptation sooner or later. So what do you do? You open a brand new office in Japan! Give it up for our brand new team: Junya, Rick and Tamon.

As an international music agency, we thought it was the right time to expand and reinforce our presence and commitment in Asia. Over the past few years, we've done great work in Japan: to open a new office in Tokyo felt like a natural step. 

The Tokyo team is composed of Junya Terui, Managing Director & Executive Producer, Tamon Fujimi, Business Development Manager, and Rick Sakurai, Creative Director & Composer. 


The opening of a Tokyo office allows us to have professionals within the local market who understand the Japanese language and culture and can communicate with clients, fully understanding their needs, wants and expectations.

 Junya Terui explains: “We believe true teamwork and creativity stems from a human to human connection. Building a conveniently located office and studio in Tokyo allows us to communicate as perfectly with the market as can be.”  

Hans Brouwer, CEO and Founder at MassiveMusic, adds: “With agencies and brands becoming increasingly international, this will have an impact on the projects they work on and is something MassiveMusic can help with, considering our international presence and the array of different services we can offer." 


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