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    Heineken was the presenting partner of Sensation. But any beer brand could buy its way into a prestigious festival. Heineken wanted to do more than just put their name on the flyer. There had to be a way to share the stage without interrupting the show. As the music agency for Heineken International, we were instrumental in crafting the brand’s global music strategy.
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The Challenge


Heineken’s music strategy is all about involving the audience to create unexpected social experiences. For the partnership with Sensation Asia we teamed up with Heineken to develop a brand activation that people would accept as integrated part of the show, while at the same time standing out as the highlight of the night. Heineken's goal was to contribute and entertain without intruding. The target audience consisted of Sensation fans. They weren’t necessarily fans of Heineken, yet...


To make the crowd part of the experience, the audience was given a wristband at the entrance. The visitors were merely asked to put them on, without informing them about what it was capable of. At the apex of the night, the DJ set off the Heineken Moment by spinning a special dance version of the brand’s music campaign title track produced by us. As the opening chords played, the wristbands lit up, engulfing the crowd that was entirely dressed in white in an ocean of green lights. Forty thousand madly enthusiastic hands in the air made for an epic social brand experience that resonated well beyond the stadium walls.

The Idea




Heineken is a beer brand, not a music company. That’s why its music strategy evolves around the social aspect of music – live events. Any music activation should involve the audience to create unexpected social experiences that make an already great night even better. For the Sensation activation, we faced two challenges: a target audience that doesn’t particularly like brand involvement and an event organizer that had already carefully orchestrated the show from start to finish. We needed a solution that was original, engaging and a natural part of the line up. The wristband activation proved to be exactly that.


The Heineken Moment had the crowd go wild at each of the Sensation events. But its impact didn’t stop there. Thousands of fans captured the moment on their mobile phones and shared it with their friends across the world. With over 500,000 mentions on blogs and a 150% increase in Heineken Facebook fans, the Sensation brand activation gave Heineken more than its money’s worth. € 19.4 million worth of PR value, sponsorship awareness of 74% and a sponsorship return on investment of € 26 million, made this partnership impactful on every level for both Heineken and the audience. 



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