• Heineken Open Design Explorations

    The Magazzini

    In 2013, the world’s leading designers, creatives, and musicians gathered under one roof at the 2013 Milan Design Week. The world’s brightest creative minds found themselves in a venue called The Magazzini. A collaborative space conceived by legendary beer brand Heineken, as a platform for inspiration, innovation, and exposure for world’s emerging designers.
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Heineken Open Design Explorations 2013

The Magazinni

The Execution

In a week packed with things designed to look amazing, one venue that stood out in particular at the 2013 Milan Design Week was Heineken’s The Magazzini. The brewery’s inspirational space for workshops, discussions and parties proved to be the ultimate showcase for MassiveMusic’s strategic partnership with the world’s most premium beer brand. From developing the sonic identity for the launch of the brand new STR bottle to programming the music line up for the daily parties, the full service music agency had a big hand in making The Magazzini Milan’s undisputed place to be for the entire week. 

But it wasn’t just all beers and shindigs. Apart from serving up hot tunes to the world’s design aficionados, MassiveMusic was in the musical lead for the launch of Heineken’s brand new STR bottle. The brand new flagship club bottle was revealed to the world on the week’s opening night. And because exciting introductions deserve exciting music, MassiveMusic composed a pumping sound track especially for the STR bottle’s launch. The track was also used for the introduction of an even more unique version of the already exclusive bottle: the Ignite. A concept bottle that lights up in response to music and motion, making the future of clubbing look brighter than ever before.

The Magazzini collaboration further consolidates MassiveMusic’s role as Heineken’s music agency. Affectionately dubbed ‘our musical friends’ by Heineken, MassiveMusic has been working closely with the Dutch beer brand on outlining and implementing its global music strategy since 2011. ‘Our collaboration with Heineken is a great example of all that’s possible when a brand embraces music as a key communication channel’, says Michiel Cremers, Head of Branding at MassiveMusic. ‘Music brings people together, just like brands do. Combined, the two can be a very powerful marketing tool. At our branding division within MassiveMsuic we’re harnessing that power together with our clients.’

To get a retrospective taste of the Milan vibe, listeb to the STR launch track right here.



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