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Love Ride


MassiveMusic has developed a new sonic identity for Cornetto Ice Cream (Unilever). Headlining the sonic rebranding of the world’s most iconic ice cream cone is a catchy brand song we created, called ‘I’m in Love’. To ensure cultural relevance in all markets, we collaborated with local artists who gave us their interpretation of the new brand score. For the Dutch and Belgian market for example, Dutch artist Krystl brought her soothing sounds into the mix as you can hear right here. One of the main elements of the brand song is an all-new sonic logo we created.

The Campaign

Cornetto’s sonic branding is part of the global Cupidity campaign featuring international stars like Lilly Allen, Empire of the Sun and Jack Bugg. For MassiveMusic, the Cornetto project fits in nicely with other sonic branding projects we’ve done recently for Carlsberg.


Keep your ears open this summer for the new sound of Cornetto!

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