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Sonic Branding

MassiveMusic presents the sonic branding of Cornetto. Cornetto is an ice cream brand known and loved by millions of young folks around the world. These young folks treasure their taste not just in ice cream but also in music. And since we make our living connecting brands, bands, fans and friends, we were more than happy to help when Cornetto asked us to do exactly that.

The Challenge

To create a recognizable and memorable sonic identity that teenagers will embrace. The challenge was clear but we had questions. Teenagers can be allergic to brands trying too hard to be their friend. How can we get into their hearts with the Cornetto story? And was it possible to get a lifetime supply of ice cream delivered to our Amsterdam office?

The Brand Anthem

Instead of making a plain sonic logo, we asked for the help of established artists to create a song. A summertime anthem we called I’m in Love.

The song is simple and catchy. It’s a love story. It’s a story of Cornetto. It is a story of three. Three because the Cornetto ‘product journey’ has three stages: Diving In, Enjoying the Ride and Loving The Ending. So we created a 3-note melody that would become the Cornetto sonic logo.

Now that we had a Cornetto Brand Anthem and the Cornetto Sonic Logo. It was time to hit the airwaves.


The Campaign Film.
Because the Cornetto anthem played such a key role in this campaign, the commercial was actually shot to our song. This made the campaign film feel more like a music video than an ice cream commercial.

Brand Anthem and Local Artists.
We used artists as the distribution channels of the brand identity by giving the song to artists in local markets. This way the Cornetto anthem could reach local audiences through radio airplay and performances by artists with thousands of their own followers.

Brand Anthem by Cornetto Fans.
Instead of a brand forcing its sonic logo on people, here were people gladly playing it themselves. I’m In Love quickly took on a life of its own. It became a fan favorite with many teenagers around the world creating their own delightful versions.

The Cornetto Sonic Signature Lives On.
The power of the simple yet contagious 3-note melody was that it could stay fresh forever through new songs.


After the success of the campaign, Cornetto wanted to tell a new love story for the following summer, with the 3-note sonic signature at the core of it all. We produced another song called King For One Day.

To ensure it would resonate with teenagers we decided to team up with two influential music vloggers with a massive following. Teske de Schepper and David Choi. Combined they have over a million subscribers.

King for one Day was a major hit just like Krystl's hit I'm In Love. The song was covered by many fans online and the YouTube videos by Teske and David generated over 300.000 organic views. In total the campaign generated over 650.000 organic views. But don’t take it from us, everyone involved was happy – fans, artists and the client.

Teske – King For A Day ft. David Choi

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